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The Ruling regarding the Mosques which are not Used Anymore

What is the ruling concerning the mosques which are situated in the middle of streets, and also regarding those which are situated in deserts or desolate villages and which are no longer used for performing prayers and sometimes they are contaminated by animals which enter them?

About mosques that are situated in the middle of streets, there is no way that they can be demolished, both because they are mosques and because the property on which they have been built has been devoted by someone to the mosque. Thus anyone who demolishes such a mosque should pay the price for that by building another mosque or repairing other mosques. In fact, this is an example of wasting the property itself and until there is no necessity, destroying a mosque is strictly impermissible. As regards desolate mosques in deserts and desolate villages, they should be kept in a way that they are not desecrated.

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